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I am speaking for my father James W. Moore Jr. He currently is in the Hospice unit in Fort Smith. Please do not begin as so many other states have, chipping away at his school until there is nothing left. Dad’s years at the school cannot ever be replace, don’t take the same opportunity away from future children. I personally serve and work with deaf children and schools in Haiti and they would give anything to have the same education and opportunities that my Dad had. Please, please do not start chipping away at the school!
commented 2015-02-10 10:21:39 -0800
Please do not sell Texas School for the Deaf property. It has been running over 150 years. It will hurt Deaf Community if you sell TSD away. TSD deserves to be exemption for budget cuts.
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I did not want my post that I just posted to be public. How do I take it down?
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February 9, 2015

Dear Senator John Whitmire,

I am writing with a concern that I pray you will be able to help me with my concern is a situation that my cousin Hurshell Wheeler #870713 who is currently an offender in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Hurshell is assigned to the Stiles Unit in Beaumont, Texas. He is housed in administrative segregation and classified as a member of a security threat group (STG).

Hurshell successfully completed the Gang Renouncement and Disassociation process in May 2007, he was then classified as an ex STG member and housed in general population. In September 2010, Hurshell was mistakenly reconfirmed as an active member of a security threat group and reassigned to administrative segregation once again. After a two year disassociation investigation was completed in August 2012 it was concluded that Hurshell was not an active STG member, but still almost 2 years later he still sits in ad-seg and still classified as an active member of a security threat group.

Robert Grant, Program Supervisor 1, in Huntsville, Texas refuses to allow Hurshell to reattend the Gang Renouncement and disassociation Program or offer any other type of alternative which allows Hurshell the opportunity to be reclassified and released from administrative segregation. In effect, Hurshell is indefinitely classified as member of a security threat group and housed in ad-seg still. This being the case is a great disadvantage to Hurshell’s rehabilitation and his chance of making parole.

After many grievances filed and letter written requesting some action to be taken to remedy this error, Robert Grant finally had a face to face interview with Hurshell on August 12, 2014. At that interview, Mr. Grant recognized and admitted to this being a problem and something would be done about this situation. Mr. Grant promised to review Hurshell’s STG file and make a decision on what to do. It has now been five months sense Mr. Grant’s interview of Hurshell and no action has been taken to correct this error. Mr. Grant now refuses to respond to any questions from Hurshell and in the mean time Hurshell’s rehabilitation is suffering by him being denied the same access to rehabilitation programs that general population offenders enjoys. This being no fault of Hurshell’s since he has done everything he can from his limited position in ad-seg.

I know that you are an active participant in Texas offender rehabilitation so I am asking for your help in this matter. I will appreciate all the help you can give me and I look forward to your quick response.


Loretta L. Wheeler
commented 2015-01-22 09:18:13 -0800
In reference to Chronicle article “Texas Truancy”, I agree with your opinion, and I hope your bill will pass and governor Abbott signs it.

commented 2015-01-09 11:09:32 -0800
Dear Sen. Whitmire,

I am alarmed at the prospect of a rapid rail route being built within my neighborhood of Garden Oaks or the other proposed route which runs along the train track by Washington St. Either location would destroy the neighborhoods. This is not an overly dramatic fear. The project promoters have been underhanded, not transparent and have not done due diligence to ensure rapid rail is integrated into Houston in a way that is in the best interests of the public. They plan to use strictly private money. No train system in the history of the world has succeeded without substantial public money. The promoters have not coordinated or integrated their project with the comprehensive, future transportation needs of Houston. They are focused on their own short term financial gain. They are not even planning on owning the train system. Could you please provide me with the name and email of your assistant who handles these issues. I could then email my supporting documents instead of faxing them or delivering hard copies to your local office. Thank you. Christine Adams, Ph.D.
commented 2015-01-05 19:03:25 -0800
What are you doing to protect my property and lifestyle by engaging the Federal Railroad Administration to stop the new High Speed Rail route from running through the 34th Street corridor in Houston?
commented 2015-01-02 08:18:36 -0800
I wonder how you would feel if one of your kids or maybe your mother in law was in one of your famous sweatbox texas jails. the cia could have used someone like you at the blackwater training camp
commented 2014-12-13 11:55:27 -0800
Support Safer, Cleaner Texas: 85th Session

Dear “Dean” Senator Whitmire:

Please support public property and highway cleanliness reforms in the 85th Session that save lives while reducing tax dollars AND volumes of illicit, disease –breeding solid waste.

Please CREATE and support a BILL for Comprehensive Recycling Plans and Guidelines for all 254 Counties, and for hundreds of Municipalities, Villages and Un-Incorporated Places. COMPREHENSIVE RECYCLING drastically cuts forbidden residential and commercial waste volumes while encouraging item reusability and energy savings—at low-to-no cost for Texas taxpayers and residents.

Please SUPPORT increasing the SURVIVAL RATE of persons in a roadway vehicle-debris crash. Over 75 TEXANS are needlessly KILLED EACH YEAR! in these accidents, partly due to often-poor legislative maintenance oversight to TXDOT and County/Local Departments.

From 2011 to 2013, TEXAS was THE LARGEST POPULATED “worst” GOVERNMENT in the American State Litter Scorecard. TEXAS has more TRAVEL+LEISURE “Dirtiest Cities” (noted for widespread, uncontrolled littering) than ANY STATE.

Furthermore: the “Don’t Mess with Texas” anti-litter campaign is failing to grasp MILLIONS of TEXANS ages 16-25—“Profiled Litterers” willing/prone at any time, to disregard state and local law by illegal dumping of trash waste onto tax-paid public properties. This pervasive situation needs to be addressed and brought under your control.

THANK YOU for listening, and help KEEP TEXAS OFF THAT “WORST” LIST!

~~Mr. Spacek
commented 2014-11-21 05:37:25 -0800
Dear Mr. Whitmire, Good morning. Would you please give me an update on the marriages that will be allowed in TDC? I am aware, by the media accounts, that the marriages will be allowed, but there was no time table given. Has this been worked out? Looking forward to a reply. Thanks, Pat Hartwell
commented 2014-11-10 07:19:26 -0800
What is the status of civil asset forfeiture legislation in the state of Texas? Have measures been employed to halt the abuse of this predatory practice by law enforcement agencies?
commented 2014-11-03 10:09:59 -0800
I want to invite Sen. Whitmire to the grand opening of a new psychiatric hospital in his district, theHouston Behavioral Healthcare Hospital. It is located at 2801 Gessner at the corner of Gessner and Kempwood. It will be this Thursday November 6 from 1-4pm with the program at 1:30. If Sen. Whitmire is able to attend, I would love for him to be able to say a few words. I have met with him in the past as a representative of the Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians and the Federation of Texas Psychiatry. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me on my cell 713.203.4623.


George Santos, MD
commented 2014-10-01 14:51:52 -0700
Hello Senator John Whitmire,

Can we be of service to promote your campaign for State Senator, District 15, in our newspaper (English) to reach Asian American and South Asian families in Harris County district, direct?

We can be useful to your campaign the following ways:

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I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

Jacob David

Print & Media Marketing

commented 2014-09-25 13:40:29 -0700
Dear Mr. Whitmire,
I am a concerned citizen and loved one of an offender at the Ferguson Unit in Midway, Texas. My loved one’s rights have been violated many times. The most recent episode was only a few weeks ago. They turned their water off and would only turn it on every so often for 15 minutes to let them flush their toilet. After three or four days they started bringing in water to the offenders, but the fact that they went without water those few days is outrageous! Segregated offenders had to endure the odor of waste and endure the heat without enough water. During the time this was happening I myself called the unit and had two other people call, we were all told the water was back on for good, but it wasn’t. My loved one has had heat exhaustion symptoms. He says putting in a sick order does nothing because the nurse won’t come right away unless the offender is passed out or there is large amounts of blood spilled. The past few years my loved one has been at this unit he has been beat by officers, retaliated against, taunted by officers, and has sent in numerous i60’s and grievances that were never answered. For shower call the officer will stand at the end of the hall and yell out to offenders if they want a shower to stand at their door. All of the offenders can’t hear the officer so they miss a shower and also miss the chance to shave, which can cause them to get a case for having facial hair. The officers have refused offenders recreation and a shower because they were understaffed, but they’re supposed to get an hour of recreation and a shower daily. So how can they give offenders cases for not shaving, but yet not allow them a shower so they can shave? He has had an officer tell him she wanted to watch him perform sexual acts and when he declined she wanted to know why. During court for major cases the officer running court has cut off the recorder to make a threat, then turn it back on. During a visit I overheard an offender questioning an officer about them not following protocol and he was told by that officer that’s how it’s done there. I have been lied to by staff and I have had officers be rude to me during visitation.
I have talked to other family members and friends of other offenders at this unit, and also from other units in Texas and I have realized Ferguson is not the only unit with major and similar problems. Another major problem I have with TDCJ is how they classify offenders and how they segregate offenders who they claim are associated with gangs. In this country we have a right to associate, so that is a violation of the offenders rights by being segregated because of who they’re associated with. The offender doesn’t even have to commit a crime for the gang to be put into administrative segregation. All it takes if for somebody to accuse the offender of being a gang member and they are put into segregation. Being segregated has held my loved one back. He can’t get an education through the prison, he lacks social skills, having to look through the wire has caused his vision to get bad and his memory has got bad. Segregation has made his depression and stress worse. It’s outrageous! They expect these offenders to stay out of trouble and better themselves yet they lock them in a cage with very little human contact and don’t allow them an education. It doesn’t make sense at all.
I have friends who also have a family member or friend in TDCJ who has had their rights violated as well. I am irate that tax money is going towards TDCJ faculty who abuse these offenders and take away their rights. Many of these offenders don’t have family nor friends to fight for them on the outside, and I have found many times these offenders are the ones that get the worst treatment. The heat during the summer months is a problem that needs to be fixed too. If TDCJ has money to spend on pigs, they have money to make sure the units have what they need to keep the units at a reasonable temperature. The Texas prison system has many problems, but these are just a few. I hope that changes will be made soon so the offenders can better themselves while in prison, instead of being held back by problems with the system.
Please help,
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commented 2014-09-18 21:53:56 -0700

Please help and pray for my friend, David Eugene Rentz! He is wrongfully incarcerated, has been in jail for 13 years of a 65 year sentence for something he DID NOT DO! There are witnesses who saw David and his Mother, Helen Wilson, buying ice cream at the time the robbery was supposedly committed, but they were threatened by the co-defendant, or her family, so that they would not testify! Then when David Rentz was convicted, the co-defendant was released, all charges against her dropped! There was no evidence against David Rentz. The only “evidence” or items supposedly from the robbery were found in Pawn Shops in the name of the family of the co-defendant! The Texas Ranger on the case claims that David Rentz confessed to him alone, but David denies that, he says he never confessed to anything! But the Texas Ranger told his partner, after he had been out at his car, that David had confessed. When the second Ranger asked David Rentz if this was true, Mr Rentz denied it. David Rentz also requested Legal Counsel repeatedly, at least five times, before the interrogation was stopped. At a later date the Ranger sent word into the County Jail, asking Mr Rentz if he was “ready to confess yet”! If David had already confessed as told by the Ranger, why did he need to confess again? The Ranger physically took a mug shot of David to the Wolf’s, the supposed victims in the case and told them “This is David Rentz, he’s the man who robbed you,” then put this photo with other photos, and asked them to identify the man who robbed them! David Rentz does not look anything like the initial description of the robber!

At sentencing, a previous, juvenile record was brought up. That record was over 20 years old, and David had no other contact or problems with the law during that 20 years, the juvenile record should never have been brought into the record or the court! That was the only reason David was given such an excessive sentence! 65 years for Robbery! A murderer gets less time for his crime!

David Rentz has been away from his family and children for 13 years! They have missed the help and advice of their father, the counsel to help them grow into balanced, responsible adults. David is a committed believer in God and His Son, Jesus, and lives a very submitted life to his God, even in Prison, studying and reading The Word of God, and living by His Principles, helping others as best he can to understand the Love of God, and live a submitted life as well, based on the Scriptures!

David has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes while at the McConnell Unit in Beeville, Tx, he is now at the Wynne Unit in Huntsville, TX, and is fed the worst food possible for a diabetic, much less for a Human Being! He also has Brucellosis from a bite from a calf when he was younger, and suffers from extreme sickness with 105+ fevers, which can last for up to two weeks, when he can’t even get out of bed to even go to Medical, so he is forced to sign a refusal of treatment form, because no one will help him get to Medical!

David’s family has spent over $35,000 to try to reopen his case only to be scammed by an unethical “Civil Rights Organization”. They were constantly asked for more money, but did very little. Then the leader of the organization supposedly died and all help ceased, and they won’t give back any findings, if there was any work done on it at all. The family can not afford any more legal fees, they are completely tapped out! We are trying to work with The Innocence Project and other organizations who will help prove his innocence. These organizations are Pro-Bono, and one will also try to reduce the excessive sentence, but David is innocent! Just reducing his sentence still labels him as a criminal, a felon! We have spoken to a new lawyer, but he is requesting $40,000 to open the investigation, 2/3rds of it up front, saying it may take months to investigate.

Please keep David and his Family in your prayers. My name is Mary Ekroos, I am the Rabbi of Kehilat B’nai Shalom, a Messianic Jewish Congregation in Corpus Christi, TX, and I have known David for 8 years as a volunteer with TDCJ. He is not bitter, has never lashed out in anger, but he is wrongfully convicted and has lost 13 years of his life in prison! Please help us, if you can, by looking into this case. David Eugene Rentz TDCJ # 1100175. However, David is suffering with multiple “frivolous cases” against him at this time, so the family and friends don’t want to add to this persecution by calling attention to his situation. He is well respected by the men in the prison with him, and desires to help others get along, so is suspect by some of the guards. Is there a way to investigate this by not drawing attention to him? He is already in Medium Security due to charges against him, due to my friendship with his mother, as a volunteer I should not know his family, and I have been terminated as a volunteer. In conclusion, please look into this case, for David Eugene Rentz’s innocence. As I have mentioned his family has suffered hardships, loss of funds, and missing their family member for these 13 years, this case needs your attention! He is in your district at this time!

Thank you!

Mary C Ekroos
commented 2014-09-09 11:02:07 -0700
I represent Houston 80-20, an Asian American PAC, that plans to endorse in State Senate District 15 race. Can you please send my your campaign email address so that I can send yu our endorsement process information…Thanks
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commented 2014-08-29 17:09:04 -0700
I attended the opening for the new University of Houston stadium last night.

Another step forward for the Cougar alumni…thanks to the vision of Dr. Khator. As she was being introduced, a local sports announcer tried to “calm the waters” of anger toward your remarks that were published in the Chronicle that were both insulting and disrespectful to Dr. Khator……. his attempts were drowned out by Cougar’s booing the mention of your name.

Clearly, you made a political error ..your opponent is going to gain leverage on this misstep. I certainly won’t encourage anyone to support you..

You need to publicly apologize..not expect her to take a knee in your presence.

Judie Lilie
commented 2014-08-22 21:31:57 -0700
Mr. Whitmire,

I would hope that somebody in your position would have more respect for the office of president of the University of Houston than what you showed Dr. Khator. Legislators are supposed to encourage debate, not kill it.

Dr Khator stated to you that any student that feels that living on campus is not for them can simply fill out a form and have the requirement waived, but this was not enough for you.

You were not willing to listen and be reasonable. I believe this to be because you got your feelings hurt or you took orders from somebody else to stop this. I don’t believe it came from your constituents as you contend.

You are elected do what is best for your constituents. I contend that having the University of Houston be as good as it can be is something your constituents will benefit from. Your recent actions run contrary to this.

On another note, why is it okay for the University of Texas to use taxpayer dollars to open an engineering school in Houston that will be focused on energy. Take a look at Energy Research Park here in Houston. UH is already doing in Houston what UT now wants to do in Houston. It is nothing but a money and power grab by UT at the expense of the taxpayers.

It is time you take some action on the correct side of these issues. You owe Dr. Khator a public apology since you decided to make your rude and arrogant comments to her public via the Houston Press. I have never seen an elected official behave so shamefully. You disgraced your own office in acting in such a manner and should apologize to the 15 district as well.

Hoping for Change,

Your Constituent
commented 2014-08-22 17:15:15 -0700
Senator Whitmire,

As a fellow UH alum, I am disappointed in the way you view the university you and I both graduated from and your disdainful treatment of Dr. Renu Khator who has done wonders for the institution. The continued transition of the University of Houston from a “commuter school” to an alma mater that graduates take more pride in is an important issue for many of us. To be frank, we would like less graduates with an attitude like yours toward the school. It would benefit not only the University of Houston, its students and alums, but the city as a whole.
commented 2014-08-22 14:44:16 -0700
Well done with the bullying of Dr. Khator. But I do agree with you on one principle. The University of Houston will never be as good as UT or Aggy. Bwwwwwwwha.
commented 2014-08-22 06:20:58 -0700
commented 2014-08-22 06:20:27 -0700
I am appalled at your pompous and condescending attitude toward Dr. Renu Khator. I am also disgusted with your attitude of “UH will never be UT or A&M.” That kind of attitude, by an alumnus no less, is the only thing holding UH back besides the lack of equal funding by you and your cronies in the legislature.
commented 2014-08-21 22:14:37 -0700

You’re recent handling of the proposed “living on campus mandate” was an utter embarrassment. Your disrespect towards our university president and your comments about UH not being “Ut or ATM” are extremely uncalled for. I speak for myself and fellow (voting) students when I urge you to do a little back peddling and respond to the issue in a much more respectful way. You don’t necessarily need to change your stance, only your awful attitude and poor public relations toward our university. We appreciate those who not only have Houston’s best interest in their heart, but show us the appropriate courtesy as this city’s hometown university.

commented 2014-08-21 13:33:02 -0700
Sen Whitmire – From all the comments regarding your shooting down the UH freshmen living on campus proposal and the condescending tone of your emails to Dr. Khator, it seems to that you have “over reached” your boundaries and not President Khator
commented 2014-08-21 04:21:12 -0700
UH Mission Statement:

The mission of the University of Houston is to offer nationally competitive and internationally recognized opportunities for learning, discovery and engagement to a diverse population of students in a real-world setting. The University of Houston offers a full range of degree programs at the baccalaureate, master’s, doctoral and professional levels and pursues a broad agenda of research and creative activities. As a knowledge resource to the public, the university builds partnerships with other educational institutions, community organizations, government agencies, and the private sector to serve the region and impact the world.
commented 2014-08-20 19:01:08 -0700
Senator Whitmire, I do not agree with your recent position regarding the UH freshman admissions proposal. I am a recent UH graduate, citizen, tax payer in the city of Houston and I support the mission of Dr. Renu Khator and the modern vision of the University of Houston. I have been a commuter student and a residential student and I see both sides of the issue. But I understand for the greater good of the University the proposed changes will create further progress. I am a demoratic voter who urges you to reconsider and work with the administration on this proposal.
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