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A Tdcj oig agent Terri Gardner went to Wyoming and threaten me with sexual assault and nearly assaulted a developmental disabled person in Lander Wyoming. Then last week she threaten my dad and got him worked up. Her bosses number is 936-437-5103
commented 2018-10-06 15:54:11 -0700
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I am writing this in regards to my brother Albert Jackson #1260848 at Robertson Unit. His blood pressure medicine has been taken from him. His last reading was 180/102. He has even been taken to medical by his boss, but medical will not do anything. This is a case of deliberate indifference – which is illegal. There is a PA Deer at the unit who taken different medications away from him. However, this is endangering his life. One of the wardens told me that there is nothing they can do in medical. Please help me. I do not want to lose my brother. I am not a suing person, but I have retained an attorney because I am at that point. Please intervene and help my brother get his medicine back. Please let me know if you need anything else from me.
commented 2018-09-26 22:07:35 -0700
Senator Whitmire,

Where do you stand on the Second Look bill?

Parole reform for juvenile offenders?
commented 2018-09-25 16:19:56 -0700
Senator Whitmire,

I just read an article in the Texas Tribune about Ken Paxton supporting a law that requires students to stand for the pledge of allegiance, which has caused a student to be expelled from her Houston area school (reference:

Besides the fact that this law is trash, how in the world can we say we live in a place that values freedom, especially in a state that’s known to hem and haw at every perceived slight to personal liberty? This student is an exemplar of what we should ask all of our youth, which is to think for yourself and take a stand, not just be indoctrinated. This law is even worse than the “No Boycott of Israel” one, another affront to personal liberties, but that’s an issue for another time.

My question is what can we do to make sure that this student doesn’t get her life thrown completely off track for exercising her rights, and how do we get this stupid law scrubbed from my home state? I know it probably seems like political suicide to do anything concerning the pledge, but this is ridiculous and embarrassing. I’m open to all suggestions up to and including launching Ken Paxton into the sun if it helps. Thank you for your service, I hope to be able to help you in any way I can on this, other issues, and any impending re-elections.


Brian DonCarlos
commented 2018-09-23 16:41:19 -0700
I need Answers on Men In Civil Commitment,Why is this Secret Prison of Littlfield so Far,and why are they not being Released from therapy? Why is CORRECTION CARE SOLUTIONS killing these Men? Why do we have them under their care,as they have pending investigations due to negligence with their People. How many people have been released for this year alone? I want Answers,I will send these questions until I get answers.Thank you.
commented 2018-09-23 16:34:58 -0700
I would like to know ,Why are there men in Civil Commitment being sent to Littlefield? Meanwhile there are Men whom are dying there with the care of Correction Care Solutions. Why are these men being Killed? Why are they still being held in this therapy,when are they being Released? Senator Whitmire,You explained to the Families that these men were going to complete therapy,but not Forever! This needs to be corrected. Littlefield is far for Families to Visit and these men are not in prison anymore,I want Answers.This will be sent further.Thank you,I hope for a Response.
commented 2018-09-18 05:10:25 -0700
Mr Whitmire

Our Texas Prisons need so much attention from Correctional Officers doing what they want and not following policies and procedures yet they expect the inmates to, Contaminated water, over abundant amounts of roaches and no cold air or Ice provided so not only are the inmates suffering so are the workers prisons are not supposed to be cake walks yet why is it Federal Prison are resorts and Luxury compared to State Prisons
commented 2018-09-12 19:47:39 -0700
Your Honorable John Whitmire,

I am writing in behalf of Miguel Angel Martinez #1096142. He is currently serving time in the Hughes Unit at the Gatesville facility. He has been incarcerated for 28 years for a crime that his only wrongdoing was in the wrong place with the wrong person. I am sure ou are familiar with his case as he was the youngest person ever to receive the death penalty in the state of Texas. His sentenced was dropped to life in prison. He has since his incarceration achieved his bachelors degree and is working on his masters. He was a child when he was sentenced, He comes from a single family home and his mother has also suffered for 28 years along with him.

I have recently sent the Board of Parole and Pardons letters in his behalf asking for mercy and his release. I have assured them that I can offer him and his mother shelter, food, clothing and transportation if need be should he be allowed to transfer to another state. I live in Pennsylvania. Should the state of Texas and/or the city of Laredo wish for him to live elsewhere, I have offered this as an option. I believe he has more than paid his debt to society and is not a threat to any community should he be released. I feel it is long past due that his mother has the opportunity to hug him and spend whatever time she has left in this world with her son. I understand the crime was heinous but I am also aware that he did not kill anyone but in fact the person he was with openly admits that he did the killing. I know that what I am asking of you may not be an easy task, but then again all should be taken into consideration what this child went thru because he was with the wrong person and feared for his own life while he was in his presence.

I hope you can open your heart and your mind should you have any influence on helping him obtain parole. I am so adamant about this because this could have been my son. He hung with the wrong crowd and could have easily been a victim of circumstance for a serious crime had he continued to do so. I can only imagine how I would have died a little for each day he would have been incarcerated. That’s another reason why my heart goes out to his family. They have lost precious years with him because of a child not being able to think straight and remove himself from a horrid situation. That would’ve been my son. He was not a leader when he was younger, but a follower. I went to bed waiting for a phone call telling me that he was either dead or in dire straits. Believe me, being a single parent myself that is your worst fear. You love your children with all your heart but out of your site they do not always make the right decisions.

I hope you will take into consideration the time he has served and help to reunite him with his family.

I appreciate your time in reading my letter. He is currently preparing for a review with the parole board. I pray that he is shown mercy and allowed to go home.

Thank you again….sincerely

Sharon L Herr
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Sen Whitmire correction the fight occurred August 4th I did contact Lori Davis Regional Director Barber and the Ombudsman’s still haven’t received any responses from any of them thank you for your time
commented 2018-09-11 13:13:59 -0700
Did you know that one Texas state agency will not accept another state agency’s I.D. card ? I was released from tdcj in July, but when I went to the DPS office they refused to accept my I.D . Card, that tdcj has been using for eleven and a half years!

Why won’t DPS accept my tdcj I.D. card to prove my date of birth? Oh by the way I had a Texas driver’s license at one time also.

Can you please help me?
commented 2018-08-23 08:30:50 -0700
Hi, my name is George Ganak i’m a volunteer with the non-profit Bike Houston, I’m calling to ask who we should be in contact with to send Senator Whitmire a questionnaire we have developed for our membership. Who’s the best person I can get an email address for?
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U.S. Institute of Science

Adequacy Assurance-Collegiate (Constitutional) Research Group


Dear Honorable Law Enforcement Officers/ US Citizens,
I would like to bring your attention to the “Juryless Process Abuse Epidemic”, that is currently plaguing our country, and unlawfully stripping away assets from some of our most vulnerable citizens/seniors/parents/divorcees/property-owners…a situation that we have become aware of—-and seen the evidence. Too often “juryless” courts are being used as a tool to racketeer/steal assets from American hard working citizens & families, and intentionally wrongly award them to probate networks including “attorneys“, “guardians”, “fiduciaries”, etc., via cooperating “probate/juryless judges”, acting in contravention to law. These racketeering uses of our court facilities, “federally and state defined felonies” (of the corruption, obstruction, grand theft/embezzlement, jury, witness, & evidence tampering, etc. varieties), are immensely adding-to/creating the civil unrest, chaos, crime & debt rates on the streets….which in turn is endangering, harming, and KILLING POLICE OFFICERS and the general citizenry alike, this very day. Just recently, Attorney General Jeff Sessions reported a 61% increase in police officers killed this very year…NOW IS THE TIME TO PROSECUTE!

I am of the great hope that you, from your position and dedication to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, and your personal stake herein, will take the necessary steps to ensure that these abuses are stopped and due process is in fact being provided and protected, including minimally:

1.Identify courts operating without juries in your area & jurisdiction, detailing those sitting without a jury in the courtroom, as well as those without sufficient jury review and oversight of “proposed findings” and litigant objections, etc.

2.Ensure that in your department, as well as on a state/federal level, that there is an adequate task force apprised and charged with identifying and prosecuting any/all illegal exploitation of juryless court facilities/functions, which would include the wrongful removals of proper grand/trial jury function and the facilitation/enabling of organized crime/wrongdoing, “court”/“attorney”/“bar” exploitation of litigants, assets, etc.; and personally ensuring that those findings are presented to the district grand jury for process, minimally

It has long been proven that Juryless Governance is a breeding ground for organized crime, racketeering, and crime in general—-preventing the same being one of the main reason for the establishment of this country. As these are urgent matters that expand and exaggerate unnecessarily the crime and debt rates on our streets this very day, they are well within your authority and best interest to investigate and bring to justice. I look forward to your efforts in stopping these CRIMES & UNCONSTITUTIONAL activities, RESTORING PROPER GRAND/TRIAL JURY FUNCTION. As always, my staff and I are available to assist you in any way possible. Please stay safe as you protect our communities, and may God Bless you and the United States of America.


U.S. Institute of Science

A Government/Law Studies Research Science Group

Adequacy Assurance-Collegiate (Constitutional) Research Group

Email us:
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Hi, Senator Whitmire: I need your help in dealing with an insurance company. As an HISD teacher (including Waltrip), I invested in a health fund in a company now called Continental General Insurance Company. They’re supposed to pay out upon the first cancer diagnosis.

I was both diagnosed with lung cancer and treated with radiation at M.D. Anderson Hospital during this year. The insurance company denied my claim solely because the pathology report noted abnormalities but did not state that I have cancer. The doctors at Anderson did.

I am appealing the denial, but as a retired teacher, I don’t have much clout. Senator Whitmire, Will you help me? Thanks for your time and consideration. Dave Sherron
commented 2018-08-16 01:49:10 -0700
Mr. Whitmire/campaign:

Greetings and thanks for serving Senate Dist 15. I’m a constituent and member of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL).

I’m writing to extend an invitation to an event THIS SATURDAY (sorry for the late notice). CCL is not hosting this event, but it will feature Judge Emmett and local scientists discussing flooding and other climate change impacts to and solutions for Houston and TX.

This would be a great opportunity to meet with local concerned voters.

Please let me know if you or someone from the campaign is able/interested to attend so I can put you in touch with the event organizer to make sure the campaign is recognized at the event.

Event invite:

Thanks much,

commented 2018-08-10 15:04:24 -0700
Long lines at dps in humble. Solve this problem.
commented 2018-08-10 15:04:22 -0700
Long lines at dps in humble. Solve this problem.
commented 2018-08-07 23:56:10 -0700
School Safety / Security / Violence

During an active shooter situation, how are police going to react when they see a person(s) with a firearm in their hand! Unknown to police, school employees (teachers) have their firearms drawn. Teachers with firearms can lead to confusion for Police who are trying to determine who the shooter is. Stressful situations could easily lead to innocent fatalities. A few teachers with firearms cannot secure all school locations at the same time. HS1 product can!! All school employees can conceal or open carry a non-lethal product that is capable of disrupting/stopping the threat. The cost to arm each school employee with an HS1 for a period of 730 days (2yrs) is 2 cents a day. A revolutionary product that is safer than hair spray but super effective in slamming shut an active shooters eyes which can allow escape or apprehension. This product will only affect the intended target and no one else’s vision or respiratory system. For further details please visit our website at Now is the time to act. HS1 can be immediately implemented, economical, no risk of accidental firearm discharges, no risk of friendly fire and no law suits for teachers accidentally shooting a bystander (child). The State of California recently reported an accidental discharge of a firearm from a teacher during a safety course injuring a student.

Thank you

Julia Samaniego
commented 2018-08-05 16:46:05 -0700
I am a high school student writing in hopes you will be willing to have a 15-minute phone call with me regarding a free program to help you build a student internship program that will help you win your election.

My student founded and run organization, Move The Future, will:

-Work with you to recruit and onboard your first 10 interns

-Provide an intern rights agreement including a harassment hotline that mitigates your risk while employing minors

-Do a press release and press outreach about our partnership and your support of youth activism

-Conduct a weekly coaching call with the leader of your internship program to provide guidance and accountability

-Deliver a weekly write up of the best practices collected from all of the campaigns we are coaching

-Provide written resources and sample documentation for running every phase of your internship

We would love to help you win your upcoming election.

Would you be open to having a 15-minute call with me to discuss?


Sophie Blumenthal


Turning young political energy into informed effective action.

P.S. If you are wondering why we are doing this, here’s a bit of our story.

Last summer I was one of 100 student interns knocking on over 10,000 doors, phone banking, writing letters and more on a County Legislator campaign in NY. The interns played a key role in winning a twelve point victory in a primarily conservative district against a Republican incumbent.

Based on that experience I created a step-by-step guide to enable any progressive campaign to create a similar student program, which can be found under the “campaigners” tab at Our organization provides this guide along with ongoing coaching free of charge.
commented 2018-08-01 13:07:43 -0700
Daemon Baizan

2555 Fairoaks

Decatur GA 30033


July 1, 2018

Senator John Whitmire

803 Yale

Houston, TX 77007

Senator Whitmire:

I am writing on behalf of David Alan Van Houten. Mr. Van Houten was given four 13-year sentences which were stacked twice in July, 2007.

When David entered the Texas Department of Criminal Justice system, the TDCJ Records Department recorded his sentence as concurrent. When he discovered this, he contacted the Head of Classification on his unit. He was told that he was mistaken, the sentence was actually concurrent. David’s family contacted TDCJ Records in Huntsville and asked them to double-check this. TDCJ Records checked and reported that the family was mistaken because the sentence was in fact concurrent. His maximum sentence date was set at July 20, 2020.

David Van Houten made parole on April 11, 2017 and was tentatively scheduled for release in November. However, as he prepared for release, TDCJ suddenly discovered their mistake and took away his parole. He has now made parole for the “first time” four years later than he should on his first sentence. The Parole Division has offered their apologies for this mistake, as it should have been discovered by their officers when he came up for parole.

This has caused undue hardship on David and his family since they expected him home, but it was suddenly ripped away from them. They have inadvertently received pain and suffering, which is unfair because they did their best to make sure everything was handled correctly.

(I) now write to you in the interest of fairness and mercy. When polled, the jury only wanted David to serve 6-1/2 years which is why they gave him the 13 year sentence, assuming he would serve half. This hardship is due to a mistake on TDCJ’s part and we ask for your help in getting Midland County to unstack his sentence, providing relief for his beleaguered family since you are over the Criminal Justice Committee and have shown yourself to be a fair man with your decisions.


Daemon Baizan
commented 2018-07-23 07:39:54 -0700
I know that you are aware of the sweltering heat that our loved ones have to endure at the TDCJ units in Texas. Why you are not doing anything to prioritize amending this situation really surprises me. These inmates are entrusted to the TDCJ to take care of however, they have to be contained in temperatures exceeding 139 degrees. This is violating the Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. It does not matter why they are incarcerated, what does matter is that is that they should not have to endure this heat because TDCJ will not retain temperatures no warmer than 89 degrees in the hot summer months. Since we taxpayers are paying the bills to house these inmates, I think the taxpayers need to be heard regarding unhealthy conditions in the prisons regarding the temperatures (both summer and winter). In winter, it is extremely cold which ups the chances of illnesses as well.

Please authorize TDCJ to do something immediately to correct this situation before another loved one dies.
commented 2018-07-21 03:29:54 -0700
My name is Jordan Munoz in 2014 I overdosed on heroin in Lubbock tx in the hospital they found less than a gram of heroin on my personal property. Needless to say I needed help and the state of tx have me such help. I was given 2 years tdcj dfz (drug free zone) charge and was offered 5 years probation if I complete substance abuse felony punishment. I went to jester 1 unit for 9 months graduated. Also was given a diploma for most improves gateway client. I then went to the Odessa halfway house for three months. I failed to make all required obligations for my probation and a warrant for my arrest was issued from Lubbock county. I was arrested (for a motion to revoke) I did my time in Lubbock county before I decided to instead of stay on probation till July 2020 I would finish my tdcj time in tdcj. When I was transferred to the Middleton unit in abeline tx I had 3 more months left. At this time my girl friend was pregnant with my beautiful son and his due date was 45 days after my discharge date July 19th 2018. I was in middileton unit on may 24th at approximately 1:30pm I was walking back to my housing location when I was called back to the main walk way in front of the main building where administration resides by a jose sanchez holding the prestiges title of Lt. Jose sanchez. The man said for me to come back to where he was at told me “get the Fuck out of My hallway.” I explained my reasons for being there and explained my permission for being in the hallway was given from another officer named co. Garza. At this time of sanchez interupted me saying “I don’t give a fuck” I saw this as a disrespectful way for this gentleman act. However I complied and turned around when Lt sanchez says “that’s right or ill fuck your ass up” I heard I’m and was shocked but that was how they sometimes act my response to my sanchez was “you can show me better than you can tell me” thinking this officer is going to give a tdcj case. Which would be my first and only case

I received this far in my stay with tdcj. However he meant physically assaulting me by fucking my ass up" because lt threw his walky talky on the ground and started punching my in the face. My hands went behind me for 4 reasons 1. I was falling down. 2. My discharge date is less than 50 days away 3. I would not direspect myself my unborn son and and pregnant girl friend by fighting back. 4 I have had facial reconstructive surgery on my face do to an orbital blowout on my right eye. At this time there was 3 officers on scene I was detained handcuffed and still the assault continues in my mind if I were to yell or panic the officers would take that as a resisting arrest and in many police brutality videos the victims scream "I’m not resisting so I instead pretended to be unconscious and after being punched repeatedly in the back of the head by lt sanchez. The assault ended. And the same officer who had given me permission to be where I was at before assault took place was instructed to record my detention and escort to infirmary. Durring the assault I dropped my glasses was in aware. After I was screened by medical I was place in PhD. Pre heiring detention. I was unshre why at the time till the officers stated was being charged with assaulting lt sanchez by punching him in the nose with closed fist. I was put in seg when or sanchez came to bring me my glasses back at aproximatly 4pm he says. “I would have kept your raybans sunglasses until I saw they were medicated so I decided to be a nice guy.” At this time my injuries were my main concern and i could care less if I had lost them I was assaulted by a human service correctional officer. The next day I was served a case for the assault and was asked what I plea. Of coarse I said not guilty. I had my hearing for this case and was given a chance to give the truth and facts Of the assault on me. Told disciplinary board the only injury or sanchez could have sustained was on his knuckles or elbows from the assault given to me. This time they asked if other witnesses or officers seen the thing I stated it being a transfer unit and my brief time their at Middleton I didn’t know the names of officers however I stated "if you do interviewing and investigating you will find me not guilty because there were 3 officers on scene however lt sanchez said the officers 2 feet away were 35 and 45 yards away. Not only did he lie about the me punching him on the nose but he failed to mention his only elbows were wounded. Like I knew they would because of the brutality of closed fists and elbows I received while already hand cuffed. I was found guilty of assault on staff or sanchez. however council appointed requisted leniency based on my past behavior and compliance thus far. They gave me 45 days restriction from rec,phone,contact visit, and I was stripped of 280 days of my good time. This was reported to state police ombudsmen and the grievance office I have yet to get a strait asnswer from all the proper channels and chain of command. I was moved a week later to the super seg Estelle unit where I stayed until last week the I was discharged on time on my discharge date because the whole case was a fabrication from this violater mr Jose sanchez. I am currently seeking medical treatment for the injuries from the assault which was unprovoked and unjust. I am now a free man no charges were pressed on me because it was all a lie. I know that disrespect flies all over from staff and offenders in the tdcj as does the uses of force most are just. However this was not. Please mr. Whitmore if you could contact me I would like to see that this man is held accountable for his crime and prevented from doing this again to another person who did not deserve to be detained let alone assaulted. I have faith in the justice system. Both of my parents are in law enforcement and the have been in contact with people all over tx. But I heard your name from a officer who told me you are a good honest man who will seek justice if I tell the absolute truth this is my story. My son is asleep beside me and my now fiancee and I’m a blessed man who knew this the day I was saved at covanent hospital in Lubbock tx in 2014. I’m a Texan and believe this is the place where I want to watch my kids have their kids. Thank you for you time and if at the very least letting this reach this page. Maybe the higher ups will stop this man from hurting or killing someone else or giving another inmate more time because of misplaced hostility. No man is above the law. I feel this man needs the same kind of help I was givin minus the assault.
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commented 2018-07-20 12:22:35 -0700
Dear Senator Whitmire,

It has come to my attention that the Tennessee Colony C.o Unit has not clean water for drinking or bathing.My son is a human being doing his time. Something has to be done soon. My son Michael Watkins #1827941 is been doing time in the segregation unit at the C.O Unit already seven years. Plus I have not talked to my son in seven years because of being in segregation. I moved out of El Paso Tx over six years to Palm Coast Fl. To a slow pace town retired folks mostly.At the unit there isn’t any air conditioning and no heat in the winter. He is bipolar Adhd border line personality.His problems for years is drug addiction. He would steal for his addiction. He is a repeat offender.My son’s body has tattoos. From being in prison he got Hepatitis C from the tattoos. My son never had a tattoo in his life till he went to prison the first time.He graduate from Hanks High School in El Paso Tx. Also had three years of R.O.C. Prison for drug addicts isn’t the answer. Its cruel and abuse for the ones with mentally ill.My son gets written up 90% for his bad month.These guards know how to press your buttons where Michael shouts out threats. Because of the guards behavior.So with this am looking at 2021 which will serve his ten year sentence. For buying cough medication and cold pills.Which had my son on several videos at stores.This is what he is in for.He was acciated with a white gang.But that happened after he was beaten up by a Mexican gang had his nose broken. He has nothing to do with the white gang in over two years.And the prison system knows this. The gang shouts out threats through there cell window of getting to him. I have called in the last two weeks to the medical staff to speak to a nurse about my sons health. He lost 25 pounds within two months in the Seg unit. He wrote and told me he is always feeling sick and dizzy. He stands 6"3 and down to 160 pounds. Has no radio but a small fan and some books. He is in the maximum prison its unbelievable that he is with the worst inmates.You think the warden would allow my son call me after seven years. Since he is in TX and we are in Florida. I want my son home with us so he can get the right medications and love that he so needs. Under The Inhumane and therefore is a violation of The Right Amendment of the U.S Constitution. Which prohibits cruel and unusal punishment. Am worried about my sons health. Waiting for the nurse to call has been two weeks. This is the biggest and oldest prison in Tx. This punishment is way to harsh for a person that has mental illness.


Nancy Gramacy
commented 2018-07-17 23:29:15 -0700
Senator Whitmire,

I need one person to please hear my story and I’m sure you get these all the time. How can I write my story and you read it and see if you can help me, please My husband is in TDCJ and all I am asking is please read my story he is an innocent man he’s a lot of things but a murderer he is not. Senator, you are my last resort before giving up myself. I have never done anything like this in all my 55 yrs. of living. If you cannot maybe you could lead me in the right direction please our lawyer did him no justice and now we can’t win an appeal and we are up against a wall and we have no money I am indigent after losing my husband I filed bankruptcy and lost it all after losing my mother last year I realized I am not giving up on bringing him home I can’t he is innocent and it is all in the transcripts. I have even talked with habeas corpus people and they agree he got the raw end of the deal with no evidence and a lawyer that wasn’t doing his job. I just need one person to believe in us and give us a chance if nothing else maybe you could listen to or read something from my husband. Please get in touch with me at your convenience and Thank you for your time.

Thank you,

Sheila Jenkins

Tyrone Jenkins

commented 2018-07-15 15:08:28 -0700
Dear Senator Whitmire,

My name is Dundra Hollins and my brother Willie Tieuel #02061561 is an inmate at the Ferguson Unit in Midway Texas. My brother filed a grievance on officer Jean P Njah Njah because the officer snatched the phone out of his hand while we were talking and verbally threatened him stating, “Let go before I fuck you up”. My brother remained calm and called me later that evening to let me know what happened. He also stated the same officer came by his cell later that evening and said, " In my country, you would be considered a faggot, I could fuck you and nobody would do anything about it". My brother wrote these statements in a grievance and filed it with the unit. He was later called to court and accused of making a false allegation and sentenced to 30 days cell restriction, 30 days without phone privileges, 30 days no commissary, and his trustee status dropped from an S3 to an S4. After the incident, my brother had another encounter with officer Njah Njah who called him a snitch and proceeded to tell other officers about the incident. My brother spoke to Captain Wyatt who told him not to write another grievance and to let the incident go. He did write another grievance but it was sent back stating you can only submit a grievance every seven days. His point was to notify a ranking officer that he was continually being harassed. He was called to a unit classification meeting in which is supervisor Ms. Jones from the law library, another female from the classification office, and Major Bates. Major Bates stated, " I’m tired of you guys accusing my officers of BS, I am dropping you to a G4 status, which was on Friday July 13, 2018. He was also later fired from his position in the law library and given an assignment of work duty in the fields. My brother has a history of Hypertension and currently takes medication which is documented. This is also another attempt to put him in harm’s way. My brother is the victim of verbal abuse and threat and has been punished because he was vocal about his treatment. He has been compliant and has worked hard to maintain a positive attitude and work toward rehabilitation by maintaining his job at the law library, as well as completing the paralegal program, and is starting college in August to get his associate degree. The egregious abuse of power at the Ferguson Unit is alarming and all involved in the cover-up process should be investigated. Within the last six months, an officer was fired for sexually abusing multiple inmates by grabbing their genitals for the purpose of the men to ejaculate on his hands, in return, the officer gave the men watches he brought in from outside the unit. The officer was fired, but it speaks to the sick individuals who are employed at this unit who abuse their power to inflict their own heinous agenda on men who can not defend themselves. I have submitted my formal complaint to the office of the Ombudsman as well as state representative Trent Ashby district 57. Our family has hired an attorney as well as a private investigator to also review this matter. We are also willing to go public to highlight the injustices inflicted upon my brother Willie Tieuel at the Ferguson Unit. Please research these allegations and contact me with any further questions, as I will be happy to provide detailed names, dates, times and other staff members who will go on record and give an account of incidents that have occurred that the unit has turned a blind eye to. We are in fear of my brother’s safety and will do whatever it takes to unmask all wrongdoing against him.


Dundra Hollins
commented 2018-06-22 18:21:48 -0700
Dear Senator Whitmire:

My son, David Alan Van Houten, recently had something unfair happen to him that may never have happened before. I’m hoping you can either help me or direct me toward a way I can resolve this issue.

In 2007, my son was sentenced with two consecutive (stacked) 13-year sentences. A few years into his sentence, he noticed that his time sheet showed 13 years, not 26. He contacted the Head of Classification at his unit (Tulia), a woman named Mrs. Barrett, to make sure his sentence was entered correctly. She did some research and told him that he must have misunderstood the judge; his sentence was concurrent, not stacked. Unconvinced, I called TDCJ Records and explained how I understood that his sentence was supposed to be stacked. The TDCJ employee told me (rather rudely!) that I was mistaken – the sentence was concurrent and they would not be able to hold him one day longer than what was posted on the TDCJ site. Since we have never dealt with the criminal justice system before, we just assumed we had, in fact, misunderstood the judge.

In April, 2017, my son was granted an FI-4. He finished his program successfully. He (and we) expected my son would be home before Christmas. We worked hard to secure a site for him to live while on parole. However, while checking for his release date, I noticed his parole was no longer listed and his maximum expiration date had gone from 2020 to 2033. My son spoke with the unit parole officer. He admitted that TDCJ had entered the sentence wrong, but it should have been caught by the reviewing parole officers in 2014 and 2017. The parole officer said that all his parole votes had been wiped out since there are different guidelines for concurrent vs. consecutive sentences, and my son would be interviewed for “the first time” on his first sentence, almost four years late! When my son asked what parole would do to fix this, he was told, “On behalf of TDCJ and parole, we’re sorry.” My son pointed out this was unfair and was reminded that “parole is a privilege, not a right”.

When he re-did his “initial” interview, he asked the parole officer why they were four years late. He was informed that parole had taken back his FI, not his 3-year setoff, to technically, he was only a year late. He was also informed parole would not backdate his receiving of parole because “the computer won’t allow it.”

My son was finally granted parole on the first sentence on March 1, 2018. He will now be required to wait another 6-1/2 years before he comes up for parole on the second sentence. He should have had an opportunity to do his sentence in a minimum of 13 years and a maximum of 26 years, but due to TDCJ’s mistake, he will have to do a minimum of 17 years. When you consider that the jury was polled after the trial and said they gave him 13 years because they actually wanted him to do 6-1/2, the miscarriage of justice is more obvious.

While it’s true that we don’t know what parole would have voted in 2014 if they had been aware of his stacked sentences, we DO know that when they granted parole in March, they noted that it was granted because he had no cases and there was a second sentence to be served. That leads me to believe that he would have been granted parole in 2014 and would be eligible again in 2020, not 2024 as the site now states. Also, the granting of parole is a privilege, but the eligibility for parole is, in fact, a right. My son did everything possible to make sure this snafu didn’t happen and TDCJ parole admits the error is theirs, yet my son is being punished for this error.

In addition, our family has been devastated! We were expecting to finally bring him back home based on our conversations with TDCJ. It borders on cruel and inhuman punishment to take this away at the eleventh hour when TDCJ was informed of their mistake years earlier.

That’s where things stand. I pray you are able to advise me or help me resolve this since we are not at fault, yet we are paying for this mess. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Phyllis Zwarich
commented 2018-06-17 21:16:30 -0700
Dear Senator Whitmire:

Thank you for acknowledging that the heat conditions in TDCJ are a problem. Myself, those incarcerated within TDCJ and their families are grateful that the health and safety of our loved ones are important to you.

I am writing because I have a loved one within the TDCJ prison system. As you know most of the units within Texas are without air-conditioning which subjects the inmates to extremely high and dangerous temperatures during the hot summer season. Prolonged exposure to such intense heat puts one at risk for heat-related illness which can result in death. Such exposure is considered by definition inhumane and therefore a violation of the Eight Amendment of the United States Constitution which prohibits “Cruel and Unusual Punishment”.

Since the TDCJ units are made of concrete, brick, and steel, the heat gets trapped in the units and cells (available fans only serve to circulate the already hot air) – and because of this the air is always hotter on the inside than the outside. In fact, the temperature on the inside of the units and cells can reach as high as 149 degrees literally cooking the inmates and the TDCJ correctional officers alive.

Since 1998 there have been at least 23 officially documented heat-related deaths within TDCJ. With the summer months now upon us the inmates and correctional staff are facing yet again another season of what amounts to nothing less than torture. My own friend who has been incarcerated within TDCJ for several years now has personally told me that there were times he had passed out and that he thought he might die from the prolonged exposure to the intense heat. Which, on a hot summer day ranges anywhere from 117-149 degrees on the inside of any TDCJ state prison unit.

Again, these heat conditions violate the U.S. Constitution (as they are cruel and unusual punishment), as well as International Human Rights standards.

The Texas Commission on Jail Standards already requires every county jail in Texas to maintain internal temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees. Other states with hot climates, such as Arkansas, Arizona, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, air condition their prisons, and even the detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is air-conditioned. Why are our prison units not following suit? This is lawfully wrong and unacceptable.

The recent lawsuit from the Pack unit points to the 23 deaths and hundreds of illnesses related to heat in Texas prisons since 1998. This number will only go up if you don’t take immediate action. And please do not forget that each of these numbers is someone’s son, daughter, father, mother, husband, wife, etc. What would you do if your own family members were forced to endure these conditions? Regardless of why they are in prison, they are human beings and we love them.

There will only be more lawsuits to come if you don’t take action. The cost of adding air conditioning is no excuse when we’re talking about life and death here. At the same time, taxpayers’ money is being spent on the lawsuits. The press has been following these dangerous conditions every year, and we’re still seeing nothing being done while people are dying.

I ask that you will do the right thing and call for TDCJ to provide humane conditions for our loved ones. This means calling on TDCJ and the Texas Legislature to provide AC in all units immediately and holding all Wardens and upper management accountable for COs not following heat procedures. We also need to see a budget line that provides air conditioning in the living areas of all units, and our elected officials need to make this a priority for the upcoming legislative session. This needs to be addressed before there is another heat-related death at TDCJ.

Concerned families are raising their voices about this issue, and we will make sure that this is something all Texans will keep in mind as they are casting their votes in November.

Thank you for your time.


James Blenkle
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