2021 Legislative Accomplishments and more.

While the regular session and three special sessions were unfortunately dominated by partisan legislation, some good laws went into effect

As we prepare to close out 2021 and celebrate the beginning of 2022 with family and friends, I want to thank you for your support and advocacy this year, especially during the regular session and the three special sessions. I am pleased to be back meeting with constituents and focusing on issues impacting our everyday lives including infrastructure, flooding, COVID response, and crime.
While the regular session and three special sessions were unfortunately dominated by partisan legislation, some good laws went into effect:
2021 Legislative Accomplishments
  • Extending Medicaid for mothers who just gave birth from 2 months to 6 months
  • Significant funding increases for the University of Houston, UH-Downtown and Texas Southern University.
  • Making the unlawful restraint of a dog a crime
  • Expanding broadband coverage to every Texan.
  • Expanding access to community-based sexual assault forensic exams for survivors of sexual assault.
  • Access to low-level THC cannabis for people with any form of cancer or post-traumatic stress disorders.
  • Banning the use of chokeholds or excessive force during arrests, requiring law enforcement to render aid to an injured person, and establishing a duty to intervene.
  • Requiring police officers to keep body cameras on during the entire active investigation.
  • Capping the out-of-pocket price of insulin at $25 a month.
And, while I am proud of the above accomplishments, there is still a lot of unfinished business the Texas Legislature needs to address. Passing a constitutional amendment to allow for the denial of bond to proven violent offenders, addressing critical infrastructure needs (3rd reservoir in West Houston, drainage system maintenance, and roads), fortifying our vulnerable energy grid against failure, among others.
Lastly, while I enjoy my job in Austin, one aspect of my public service I am most
proud of is our constituent services. Some of this years' most rewarding moments were:
  • When constituents from a neighborhood that was threatened with severe pollution from expansion of a concrete batch plant reached out for help. My office and I jumped in and engaged with the Texas Department of Environmental Quality to ensure the plans were blocked and the expanded plant located elsewhere.
  • When a Harvey victim who lost her home in the epic 2017 storm was unable to negotiate the complex bureaucratic hurdles to have her home replaced – my office met with our constituent in her severely damaged home and then quickly maneuvered efforts to secure relief – the construction of a new home.
Public service is a calling, and it has been my calling for decades. There is nothing I enjoy more than being your Senator and fighting for you in Austin and Houston.
Thank you for your support, and Happy New Year!