• Passed legislation to release the Tulia defendants
  • Passed legislation strengthening animal cruelty laws in Texas
  • Authored the complete re-write of the Texas Penal Code
  • Secured federal stimulus money for the preservation of the Barbara Jordan and Mickey Leland papers maintained by the Barbara Jordan - Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs at Texas Southern University
  • Led reforms to the juvenile justice system resulting in closure of 7 of the 12 youth facilities and 1000s more non-violent youth receiving care and treatment in their communities
  • Spearheaded reforms in adult prison to focus on treatment and rehabilitation which ultimately led to the closure of 3 adult prisons in Texas
  • Secured state funding to protect the West 11th Street Park
  • Passed legislation regulating puppy mills
  • Authored legislation to stop the over-reliance of ticketing students in public schools
  • Created a writ of habeas corpus review of convictions based on discredited scientific evidence
  • Negotiated agreement between Houston Food Bank and the Department of Criminal Justice to provide labor and farmland to raise fresh food for the Food Bank
  • Sponsored legislation to require water utilities to adopt standards for maintaining water pressure for fire hydrants
  • Passed legislation creating a statewide fuel quality program to strengthen consumer protections at the gasoline pump
  • Authored legislation to ensure that kids under twelve will no longer receive criminal charges for truancy. Children over twelve can receive a Class C misdemeanor for truancy. If conditions are met, the case will be expunged with no criminal record.
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