Criminal Justice


Senator Whitmire has served as Chair of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee for much of his 30 years in the Senate. Senator Whitmire's approach to being tough, but smart on crime has made Texas the national model for criminal justice reform.

Senator Whitmire's approach has saved the state hundreds of millions of dollars by reducing the need for costly prisons and focusing on treatment and rehabilitation in the community. Under Whitmire's leadership, Texas has closed 3 adult prisons and decreased its juvenile prison system by over half.

Treating and rehabilitating low-level offenders saves money, lives and families and allows the State of Texas to continue its reputation of being tough on dangerous, violent criminals.

Senator Whitmire has also worked closely with his colleagues to create a more just system where everyone has access to fair representation, district attorneys are held accountable, the guilty are punished, and the wrongfully convicted are freed.

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They buff these pictures by giving the inmates in them brand new clothes so as to put on a facade. The clothes they hand out in general are dingy and filthy, if you dunk just one item in warm water with soap the water turns brown/black. It’s truly disgusting. They wash 250 pounds of clothing items with the same amount of detergent you would use for maybe 10 lbs of laundry at your home.
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All Families with Offenders assigned to the Gib Lewis Correctional Facility:
It has come to the attention of this office that the following has taken place at the Gib Lewis Unit:
The offenders at Gib Lewis will not be getting their Thanksgiving turkey dinner this year due to the blatant disregard of Sgt Watts by leaving the turkeys out overnight. This action was verified this morning by Food Service Manager Amy Marshall.
At this time, we are encouraging all families to please contact Regional Director Tony O’Hare at (936) 437-1770, Senior Warden Tommie Haynes at (409) 283-8181 and the Ombudsman Office at(936) 437-4927 or email [email protected]
You may also contact Beryl Bailey at (936) 437-8375 or email at
[email protected]
Sen John Whitmire (713)864-8701
803 Yale Street
Houston, TX 77007
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need to investigate middleton transfer unit conditions are awful, people sick from heat and many times they dont have water dorms reach serious temps could cause heat stroke, we need to fight for a/c or more fans, my son has severe heat rash on his legs, inmates dont go to infirmary because of the cost
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Demand an investigation into my son’s suspicious death. Joshua was murdered by McGregor police! (Joshua Robinson)