Meet John

Whitmire_at_DO_desk.jpgSenator John Whitmire represents the 15th Senatorial District comprised of north Houston and parts of Harris County. He was elected to the Texas Senate in 1982 after serving 10 years in the Texas House of Representatives. With over 30 years of service in the Texas Senate, Senator Whitmire ranks first in seniority and is the "Dean of the Texas Senate."

Senator Whitmire serves as Chair of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee and works to bring about needed changes to the adult and juvenile criminal justice systems. He is also a member of the Senate Administration Committee and the Senate Business and Commerce Committee.  In addition, he serves as a member of the Senate Finance Committee where he is committed to finding appropriate solutions for funding the state's many agencies and programs.

Senator Whitmire chairs the School Discipline Consensus Project, a nonpartisan effort led by the Council of State Governments Justice Center, which brings together leaders from across the United States to develop strategies to minimize the over-use of suspension and expulsion in public schools, improve students’ academic outcomes, reduce the referral to the juvenile justice system, and promote safe and productive learning environments.  

In addition to his leadership in criminal justice and public safety, Senator Whitmire is a passionate advocate for quality education, affordable higher education, minority and women's rights, access to quality affordable health care and mental health services, and sound business and economic development policies.ality public 

Originally from Hillsboro, Texas, Senator Whitmire moved to Houston where he graduated from Waltrip High School. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Houston and attended the Bates College of Law. He was admitted to the Texas State Bar in 1981 and is attorney of counsel to the law firm Locke Lord LLP.  Senator Whitmire has two daughters, Whitney and Sarah Whitmire.


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