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commented 2016-05-21 16:41:05 -0700
Dear Senator Whitmire,

My nephew, Jonathan Jones is an inmate at the Robertson Unit serving a sixty year sentence for criminal sexual assault of a stepdaughter who was thirteen when she made her outcry. She made a recantation statement admitting she lied ten days after her outcry, underwent a forensic medical exam showing her to have no signs of sexual assault with an intact hymen. She was angry with Mr. Jones because he was making her clean her room.

There is no evidence of assault other than the initial outcry and the alleged victim changed her story every time she told it. Mr. Michael Fouts, the prosecutor of Throckmorton County chose to call a grand jury to indict Mr. Jones anyway. He and the defense counsel, Mr. James David Wimberley, Jr., worked together to coerce Mr. Jones into pleading guilty in a plea agreement with impossible probation stipulations. Mr. Jones was unaware of the recantation statement and the forensic medical exam. Mr. Jones subsequently violated probation and is now serving sixty years for a crime where the victim admitted she lied and had never had sexual intercourse!

I contacted the State Bar and asked them if there was a time limit on complaints regarding attorneys (my nephew has been incarcerated six years) and was told there was no time limit. I submitted a twenty page complaint concerning Mr. Wimberley’s ineffective assistance of counsel. The State Bar then sent me a letter saying in effect, too bad, it was too long ago.

Mr. Jones, lacking a lawyer, and attempting to be his own jailhouse lawyer has screwed up his appeals. I’ve had him apply with Texas Innocence Project which will probably take years. My question to you is there any recourse for what I believe to be malicious prosecution by a prosecutor who has precious little to do and an attorney who threw his client under the bus?

I know you hear this kind of thing all the time, but really, can anything be done? Thank you for your time.

Stacy Harrington
commented 2016-05-20 07:53:55 -0700
Dear Sir,

I should begin this message by sending you sincere greetings from London in the UK! I had the pleasure of already contacting you some months ago, and my previous message (like this one) concerned Mr Gregory D Bryant, a friend of mine from Houston, currently serving a prison sentence in the Hughes Unit in Texas for a crime which I wholeheartedly believe he did not commit. I believe that Gregory has written to you again concerning his conviction and possibility of having it overturned…… There is no need for me to repeat here and now any of the specifics of his grounds for appeal, but I would ask you to give his letter – and his plea for justice – your serious attention, as and when this may be possible. I still believe that it is better for ten guilty men to walk free, rather than one innocent man to be wrongfully punished!

With all best regards,

Alan Mills
commented 2016-05-15 09:04:21 -0700
The Houston district attorney office needs to be investigated for over stepping their boundaries. I know of 3 women at The Crain Unit that the DA has put in their file for them to serve a certain amount of time before being paroled. Isn’t that the job for the judge to decide? Susan Estrada 1643794 should have made parole by her second interview. This is her first time in prison and she doesn’t belong there. I know most women do. But there is a handful that are still there due to an over zealous DA. Kathleen Rossi 182937 should have been paroled at the least last year. But due to an over zealous DA putting in her file how long HE thinks she should be there. Both women are still there. The DA does not take in consideration what these women have and are going through. Both women are first offenders. They have taken full responsibility and have remorse. Please, do something so the DA cannot put in a file where a person has to do more time than they should. The DA is not the judge or the parole board.

Thank you for your time. If you cannot help me change this wrong into a right so these ladies can come home, will you direct me to where I need to go.


Cheryl K Moore
commented 2016-05-04 08:56:52 -0700
Dear Honorable Sensor John Whitmire,

I am a member of the Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief volunteering here in Houston, TX.

We are currently working at the home of a WW2 war veteran whose house was flooded. His daughter is trying to get him assistance with his medical needs and also with the repairs needed on his home, which sustained considerable floor damage.

I would appreciate any help you could provide me with so that this wonderful man, who sacrificed so much for his country, can live comfortably.

Thank you so much,

Marilyn Halmes
commented 2016-04-28 10:43:02 -0700
Dear Honorable Senator John Whitmire:

I hope that this email finds you well. My name is Verna D. Johnson and I am a first year student in the Graduate College of Social Work at the University of Houston and I am also a constituent in your district. I am a Macro concentration student, specializing in Political Social Work. Currently, I am enrolled in an Advanced Social Policy Analysis course. In this course we identify social problems, define the problem, discuss policy that is implemented to address the problem, the policy implications, implementation and consequences and we also do comparative analyses, advocacy and political engagement projects. Doing research about policy, particularly policies that addresses issues that are important to me as woman and as a soon to be Social Worker has been more than enlightening. The course content and design has planted a seed and fostered a desire in me to learn more about policy and policy analysis. This course has also allowed me to work on an issue that I am very passionate about. Which leads me to why I am contacting you.

I am currently researching Economic Abuse and Employment Protection laws for victims of domestic violence. As you may or may not be aware of many of the needs that survivors desperately require to continue after or even during an abusive relationship, outside of counseling are financial resources. In my previous research, I learned that economic self-efficacy is imperative to economic self-sufficiency. I also discovered that economic self-sufficiency is greatly impacted by economic abuse. During the semester, I have been researching states that have laws that protect the employment rights of victims of domestic violence. Additionally, most of the employment protection laws are enforced by the states’ labor department, department of industrial relations or some department related to labor.

It is my hope that as part of the new platform after the November election and the Texas Legislature being in session in January 2017. Many elected officials like yourself will examine the impact that domestic violence has on the community, victims and children well-being, both economically and psychologically. Economic abuse can increase in poverty, unemployment rate, and health related issues, among women. With the recent murders of Dominique Tibideaux and Estela Hernandez domestic violence killings are rising. According to statistics from the Texas Council on Family Violence, 132 women were killed by a male intimate partner in Texas last year. Twenty-three were in Harris County and 43 of those women had ended the relationship. Victims often feel trapped due to lack of resources, because of economic abuse, which can include, employment sabotage, refusal to pay child support or controlling all of the finances. Creating employment protection laws could assist victims in obtaining or remaining economically self-sufficient.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Once again, thank you in advance.


Verna D. Johnson
commented 2016-04-23 08:41:22 -0700
Dear Senator Whitmire,

The Houston Apartment Association told us viewers via a KHOU News segment that tenants are “expected” to pay their rent even if they were forced out of their units because of the flooding. I found this statement to be insulting. But from their point of view, its justifiable because of the multi page TAA lease agreement that is riddled with too many legalities that are in favor of the property owners (and the HAA members)

Its the result of the TAA having too much power as lobbyists.

What we need sir is a change in state law that over rides these citations in fancy and complicated lease agreements. Who in the hell deserves to pay rent money when the unit is unlivable? Why would property owners believe they are entitled to rent money, if their units are unlivable? But the HAA thinks otherwise! Please fix this greedy ideology that undoubtedly was created by the TAA. Texas is a christian state and we take care of our own. Additionally, please ensure that in the future neither the TAA or HAA gets any help from the state legislatures in creating one sided greedy laws!!

thank you

Ben Munguia, military vet.

ps: the no sales tax to help disaster victims was/is a damn good idea – a christian one!

cc: mayor turner, houston texas
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commented 2016-04-22 20:34:54 -0700
I thought you might be interested in an article I’ve recently written in the Washington Post:
commented 2016-04-19 15:30:15 -0700
I’m in need of a civil attorney for precinit 7 shooting my son Rickie Cooper in his back on 11/14/14 . They had all kinds of wrongfully charges when they beech him back to nearly killed me. That was a lie they didn’t want the family &etc. to please help .I’m off on Mondays can i come talk with you please . i can explain in person with papers to show. his priors has nothing to do with Taft Foley sent papering stating his past history. My son couldn’t walk & i called you about the colonostomy bag to be remove. Please any Monday is fine with me @ your time . Thank you so much
commented 2016-04-18 13:04:16 -0700
Sen. Whitmire,

Sir, my wife is a first time offender with a money crime and is non violent. I have copy an article she has written while waiting for parole to review her for the 4th time.

Abuse within the Parole Board?

Is the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole abusing offenders? It was determined years ago that a punch does not have to land nor a kick be felt for abuse to be present. Texas Department of Criminal Justice offenders are told almost immediately following sentencing, “If you do everything you are supposed to do, take the classes they offer and behave yourself, you will be home in NO TIME,” especially if you are a first time offender of a non-violent crime. That is the beginning of the mental abuse, giving offenders the false hope that their actions have a positive influence with the parole board. Year after year of no disciplinary cases, endless behavioral reform classes and working day in and day out with the motivation of proving to the parole board that you have changed, you understand the grave error of your actions, and you know how to obey the rules of TDCJ exhibiting that you will obey the laws of the land. You live everyday counting down the days until your file is opened and you are in parole review. Everything lines up and points to a going home answer. After all, others with longer sentences and less time served have gone home. Others with extensive criminal history with less time served have gone home. Others who have received case after case after case for bad behavior have gone home. Surely a first time offender with the amount of time you have done, the reward for good behavior, diligent work and classes attended will have a going home answer. The answer comes in and… denied. Your next review will be in a year. The devastation rolls in. The questions start, “What more can I do? Why them and not me? How much time is enough?”

The mental anguish is not much different than that of a child who is grounded but is told that if they behave and do everything they are told they can go outside. When they ask to go outside, they are beat. Then they are told if they do everything right they can go tomorrow. However, when tomorrow comes they are beat again. Day after day, they hope only to be destroyed. Year after year, you hope only to be destroyed.

Offenders start to live in a state of hopelessness. Why should you even hope that this year is the year? The devastation of the denial is less poignant if you don’t actually believe you are going home. But if you don’t have the hope of going home, what do you have? Each day is utterly desolate without the hope, the belief that your freedom is imminent. Why hope? So parole can rip your world apart again and again with no apparent rhyme or reason. But you hope anyway because, surely, they have to let you go home one year. At some point enough time is enough. Every year you wait to see if you will once again get beat down or if your number will come up in the lottery of parole.

There is no better definition of the effects of the parole review process than psychological abuse. Every year you hope and dream of going home, the ultimate reward. You do everything just right only to have your family and loved ones ripped from your grasp and held away from you again. The torture of having your freedom dangled in front of you year after year only to have it yanked away even though you have done everything possible and exhibited reformed and rehabilitated behavior is excruciating. The pain and suffering that we watch our families and loved ones go through year after year, hoping and expecting to have us come home only to be stomped on and denied their loved ones is unbearable.

A judge sentences you. The length of the sentence is based on facts and evidence in your case. Based on the length of your sentence, you are eligible for parole after a specific time period. During your sentence, you are credited with good time as well as work time, giving false hope that with the time served and the time credited you will earn the ability to be released on your projected release date. The illusion is if you do everything you are supposed to do, based on the original facts and evidence and the sentence imparted by the judge you will be released on parole before or at your projected release date. The truth is the parole board denies release based on the limited facts available to them and the equally limited time devoted to the review of said facts they decide that more time should be served that that which was originally intended at sentencing.

The mental abuse, pain and suffering of the current parole review process are extreme and long reaching. The permanent emotional scarring is not only inflicted on the offender but also the family and loved ones of the offender, the true victims of the warped and broken Texas Board of Pardons and Parole.

- Maria Henry

TDCJ #1815716

Bridgeport PPT

222 Lake Rd.

Bridgeport, TX 76426

Thank You

Chris Henry
commented 2016-04-17 12:16:53 -0700
Dear Mr Whitmire,

I am writing to you for help for my brother who is at Boyd unit in Teague TX.

He has been experiencing what I believe is a thyroid issue because it runs in my family of 8. He hasn’t slept in 9 days straight and is experiencing frozen hands and feet, a constant surge of adrenalin causing him to be awake for days, he has lost almost 20 pounds and having some pain in his back.

He has written many requests for help and also been to the medical unit there 6 times. My brother has been in prison for 20+ years and never once went to medical for help until now. He is being ignored and told he is lying.

I have called all officials there and they keep telling me that they will be in it but in three days now nothing has happened and I’m afraid he will end up dying there if he doesn’t get help soon. My husband advised me to contact you in hopes that someone will care enough for his well being. He hasn’t been written up for anything, does his time and is hoping to go to the feds soon to finish his last few years out so he can go home. I flew out from Nevada yesterday morning in an emergency visit , spoke to warden Tilley face to face and he told me she doesn’t deal with medical and we have done all we can do. She then proceeded to mock me in front of her guards. I have been respectful and now I am getting angry. I told her that if he doesn’t get the help he needs I would be contacting a lawyer and she told me to do what I needed to do but she doesn’t deal with those things.I found her attitude to be very rude when I haven’t done or said anything disrespectful or mean in any way. I just don’t want my brother to die. He needs to get a blood hormone panel done to see what he needs to be taking to get this to stop. He’s only asking they do this blood test, nothing more. I feel like I have come out here for nothing because I’m not being taken serious but if he does or ends up with permanent organ damage I believe I will have a solid case concerning this issue. I’m not out for hurting anyone or wanting to sue for money I just want my brother to be ok. But God forbid that’s the route I’ll have to go if what I fear will happend does.

I am also a Christian and a Baptist and I believe God has allowed me to be here for the help he needs. God allowed me to meet a woman who’s husband is in the same dorm as my brother and get a hold of me on facebook because he believes he is going to die soon if he doesn’t get help. He has even written a few letters to my other brothers and mother in case it does. He is very intelligent and doesn’t get into trouble. His name is. Mark Xinidakis and he just needs someone who cares if he lives or dies . I know God has gotten me this far but I’m still being ignored and even mocked. I don’t know much about the prison system but I know that they shouldn’t be allowing this to continue and ignoring my cry for help and also my mother’s .

Please help in any way that you can. Like I said , I’m not trying to hurt anyone I just don’t want the next time I see my oldest brother to be in a coffin.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, I pray that somehow he will get the help he needs before its too late. I’m trusting God is working :)


Rebecca Xinidakis Leahy
commented 2016-04-16 09:33:15 -0700
I am a born and bred Texan now living in Mississippi. I am the mother of a son who developed paranoid schizophrenia at age 18. He was my youngest son and middle child. Both other children never developed the illness. I am writing because I care deeply about those with the unfortunate fate of mental illness at no fault of their own. My own son is now decreased as of 11/11/08 at age 43. The first 13 years were most difficult and we lived in Silsbee, Texas in the beginning of his illness 1984. This son had his first psychotic break shortly after his high school graduation. I knew from the very beginning he could be dangerous because he was paranoid thinking friends wanted to kill him. I did not know this could happen to a human being at the time. I tred to convince him it was not true but could not. When he said to be in the most devastated manner that all these people are trying to kill me and not even my own mother believes me was when I realized I had to agree with whatever his brain was telling him. I also understood that we needed to get him immediate treatment. So we had him involuntary committed. He was in and out of the state hospital in Texas and then in Mississippi for the next 13 years. In 1997 we found the right medication and he had a wonderful next 11 years in remission. In September of 2008 he could no longer take the medication that had given him this great quality of life due to a blood condition that sometimes develops with the medication that can be fatal which he was tested for every other week. In between medications he somehow got MRSA the super bug that took his life.

In 1996 I was the state executive director of the NAMI Mississippi organization and we had a Democratic Senator the late Senator Billy Thames who had been doing a study on mental health services in Mississippi. I know and understand that Texas is a much bigger state and much larger population. However, I would very much like to share information about the bill we passed in one session that Senator Billy Thames introduced after his mental illness survey. I hope I can get a email address for your office and you can see what he learned from that study. When I first moved to Mississippi in 1986 the Department of Mental Health had no authority over the mental health centers which did not make a lot of sense to me. Each county’s Board of Supervisors were over the mental centers. Turn out they did not even meet every year to be evaluated. Many things have been corrected in our system here in Mississippi. The Treatment Advocacy Center gives us a grade of A in most categories except for one B. But we get a D in delivery in other words we have a good system in place but it is not be used. If I do not get an email I will send in the US Mail the information I would like to share. The Senator told me he regretted not having some from the House of Representatives on the Survey committee. It was a real eye opener for these senators. By the way the Treatment Advocacy Center is a excellent place to find information and how you rate against other states with the mental health system.

I am in support of HR Bill 2646 on the national level Helping Families in a Mental Health Crisis Act which has 187 co-sponsors. Over 50 Democrats supporting. On the national level the Democrats talk about the criminal justice system and guns. But it is also mental illness. No place to go for treatment. Today committing a hopeful minor crime will get you treatment. It is extremely sad these most unfortunate human beings to sick to seek treatment on their own and if they are adults their parents blocked at every attempt to get treatment. Sometimes I think God took my son when he did to spare us this pain and sorrow. I always prayed from the very beginning that God would keep him safe and if he got to a place he would hurt or kill someone God would take him first. He never got to that place but we got blessed with the amazing remission and he was able to enjoy those 11 years. I have so much first hand knowledge I have to speak out and try to help the families in this place with a a love one with mental illness. This has given my life purpose and it honors my son’s memory. He was breathing, walking living proof that treatment works if you can get it.

Thanks for reading my post.

Mary Ann Renz
commented 2016-04-13 12:59:31 -0700
April 13, 2016

The Honorable Senator John Whitmire

803 Yale Street

The Senate of Texas

Houston, Texas 77007

Dear Honorable Senator John Whitmire:

We respectfully request that you read our letter with great consideration and accept our invitation to garner support, education and awareness through partnering with students at the University Of Houston Graduate College Of Social Work and yourself to, create, implement and evaluate changes to the criminal justice system in Texas. For the past 3 months our class has been researching, reading about and analyzing data regarding mass incarceration in the state of Texas (vs other states). The conclusion that we have arrived at is that mass incarceration is costing too much, in terms of crisis and turmoil between the black community and the blue community, in terms of lives lost, and lives ruined due to the political, social, employment, and educational hardships faced by those who have been convicted and labeled as felons. As you may already know, the disproportionate incarceration of men color, financially based incentives within criminal justice, and a punitive criminal justice system as opposed to a rehabilitative criminal justice system, has placed many people, particularly the community of color, in a social, political and economic position of lack, apathy, indigence, hardship.

Pipeline to Prison to Pre-trial detention, to high rates of conviction for non- violent felony offenses has increased extended and excessive detention, delayed justice with expediency of conviction, denied basic rights, overlooked rehabilitative substance program services and severely criminalized and incarcerated the poor. Having the largest prison population in the country brings attention to a nationwide problem. Additionally creating solutions and creating objectives for effective reform and being successful would also bring attention. With that being said, the difference in the state of Texas and other states is that you, the Chair of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, have the resources, the power and the authority to present new solutions to the problem of mass incarceration. Since 1990s the incarceration rate in Texas has been more than twice the annual growth of other states. Do you believe that you can change this and be part of the solution?

On Wednesday May 4, 2016, in classroom 107A, located in the Graduate College of Social Work building, the entire class, Overrepresentation of Minority Males in the Texas Criminal Justice System, under the direction of Dr. Larry E. Hill, will be presenting our evidence based research, ideas and solutions regarding mass incarceration, prevention and intervention and sources of funding.. Each group and group project will present from different stages of incarceration pre, during and post. Social reform does not have the same incentive as privatizing prisons, however, the reward is beyond any financial compensatory incentive. In closing and with the utmost respect, this is not a plea to prick you moral conscious, nor is this a letter to tug at your heartstrings, this is an invitation to reform. An opportunity to innovative ideas for change and possibly a continuation of dialogue that was started at the University of Houston Law School symposium regarding, Police, Jails and Vulnerable populations: New Strategies for Confronting Today’s Challenges.

Thank you for taking the time to read a letter from your constituents who are also Social Work students.


Esperanza Velasquez

Rebekah Wallace

Michelle Meeks

Sonia Martinez

Verna D. Johnson

GCSW Students of Overrepresentation of Minority Males in Texas Criminal Justice System


Dr. Larry Hill

Research Professor

University of Houston

3511 Cullen Boulevard

Room 406

Houston, TX 77204-4013

commented 2016-03-11 08:45:55 -0800
Good morning Mr. Senator Whitmire.

I would like to know if you can help in this situation I received letter from IRS regarding charges on penalties and fees on forms 940 for the years 2010 & 2013. My daughter check our records. that we paid to the workforce commission and everything is okay we request to workforce commission a certificated letter to clear the problem with the IRS but the totals that show up on the letter are wrong,according our records.the workforce commission changed the per cent that we paid. our records show up that we paid 0.64 and they changed to 0.54 that is why we have a discrepancy with the IRS please I would like to you help me to solve my problem, with the State of Texas.
commented 2016-03-10 13:26:04 -0800
Dear Senator Whitmire,

I am contacting you on behalf of my son Karlos Fields#654552 who is housed at Michael Unit, Tennessee Colony. He writes to me to tell me that a major Fitzpatrick is putting his life in danger making inmates think he is a snitch. Karlos missed count and was reprimanded but no case was written. He is back in population and according to what he has in his letter, this Major has people believing that he is snitching on them. Sir, I don’t want someone attacking my son and possibly killing him just because of a lie. Can you, will you please help him. I am thanking you in advance. Some people don’t deserve to be in authority over others especially when they abuse that power.
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commented 2016-01-30 20:38:45 -0800
Good evening. i cannot find who you are endorsing for president in the upcoming primary, March 1st. I believe that Bernie Sanders best represents the future of the Democratic party, and I am fully engaged in supporting him for president. Your support for Bernie would be important for our community, which is clearly beginning to understand the value of electing Sanders over Clinton, as community support is building rapidly. Thank you for your consideration,

Dr. Brett Bothwell
commented 2016-01-23 19:22:36 -0800

I want to forward to you a letter for help from the OMB this past week. I am so tired of writing to them and getting no action at all just the same ole response. Here is the letter I sent. Please see what kind ot investigation you can get out of this. No one who is innocent as my husband is should have to put up with this kind of treatment under any circumstances. I need your help on this.

To whom it may concern,

I file a complaint with your office on behalf of my husband until Rodriguez # 382692,Robertson unit. On 1-12- 2016 at 9:45 p.m. he was escorted out of his cell by a sergeant’s order and place on the cage for one and a half hours he tells me at 11 p.m. lieutenant Jennings took him to his office and interviewed my husband concerning the complaint I filed on his behalf. Lieutenant Jennings my husband tells me told my husband he has spoken to captain Hooper for 30 minutes and the decision was to file a OPI and mood my husband to iPod and Motors my husband to level 2 without due process of law nor probable cause. This my husband tells me was done in retaliation for my complaint to your office on his behalf. My husband tells me he was moved from 12c number 34 level 1 to 12 F number 57 level 2. My husband was left in the sale for 2 days with no mattress no linens no blanket no food no shower no recreation. My husband female surgeon that he was on " Hooper’s lockdown"and laughed and refused to give him the above items and cleaning refusing to feed him. As of the date he sent me the letter he has not been fun at all. Several officers officer Lopez officer Roa and two or three others names unknown told my husband “you will learn something”end of quote. He was called to UCC on 1-14-16. Major Miller and 2 female employees were after and Major Miller made a remark after his question to my husband tells me that Major Miller asked what was he there for. A lady in there answered " OPI". Major Miller ask my husband did he file an OPI in the most safe unit in TDJC end of quote. My husband answered “no I didn’t, that was an omb complaint my wife made on my behalf”. Major Miller cut my husband off and told him " Okay, Adios" and refused to hear my husband’s statement.

Further, On 1-14-16 at about 11am, some female counselor substitute brought my husband a disciplinary violation code 16, which my husband tells me is as bogus as a 3 dollar bill and a frame up written by an officer Mata,J. CO III who happens to be one of the most corrupt officers in Ad-Seg. at the Robertson Unit. My husband told me he had 6 books and 3 of those books were not his, the other 3 were his books which I myself ordered for him and did have his name and number on the cover of them. He had 1pill that pill was my husband s medication "Nortrepeline 25mg the Dr. ordered for him for the neck and muscular problems he has. He takes at 10pm. Altered headphones, the headphones band broke and he wrapped some shoe string around to hold it together until he was able to purchase another pair. Mata also stated he had some bleach which my husband tells me it was some " BP" cleaning powder given to him by Lt Sanchez one night for the ants in his cell. It was less than a small spoon left in the bag. My husband does not shave and therefore he gets no razors. My husband had no wires whatsoever in his cell. This case was written as an after thought to try to justify the violations to my husband’s rights and privileges, and his rights to be free from harassment and retaliations which my husband tells me are racially motivated.

As of the writing of his letter was housed in Level 2. And has not been provided with food, showers,nor recreation. He tells me now that since Capt Hooper at the Robertson Unit Ad-Seg and several others rank officers and officers have him on a(no food diet). And stolen his hotpot,radio,and other items not mentioned in the inventory sheet. Now he Will Not Eat at all. Whatever they decide to feed him he will refuse to eat because he doesn’t trust the food to be safe.

I pray for your assistance in this important matter.
commented 2016-01-15 14:01:05 -0800
The Greater Heights Chamber of Commerce is hosting a parade down 19th Street on Saturday, March 5th at 10:00 A.M. We want to invite Senator Whitmire to participate. Is there an e-mail address I can send the info to? Thanks.
commented 2015-12-30 10:06:24 -0800
PLEASE PLEASE have your campaign deposit the checks you are given!!! You must not need any more donations if the donors can’t get you to deposit their checks.
commented 2015-12-14 20:49:15 -0800
Dear Senator, my name is Wanda Wilson I received a letter to day from my son being housed at the Estelle unit. He Stated that he was sexually assaulted by a member of the extraction team. He also stated that he his being retaliated on because of a civil rights case. Please help my son
commented 2015-11-22 19:07:30 -0800
I am seeking a venue and assistance to assist me in raising money for my legal expenses related to an involuntary plea deal I entered due to mental illness/disability discrimination in the Harris County Courts and Jail System. I would like the show to be eclectic and I have committments from professional rapp music, comedians and spoken artists to perform in the show. I am attaching a pasted request fo a media interview that will provide a coherent overview of the issues.

My father informed me today about the article Texas State Senator Whitmire had in the Houston Chronicle regarding the abuses that take place in the jails against people who are mentally ill. I would like to come forward and share with you and the media what happened to me, and everything that I saw while I was falsely accused of a crime and made an involuntary plea due to mental illness and coercion in the Harris County Court 184, Jan Krocker Presiding Judge.

The wanton reckless disregard by the judge, prosecutor and public defender for my civil rights to privacy in regard to medical privilege. Their reckless disregard for the seriously ill and the defendant’s right to continue uninterrupted medically prescribed life sustaining treatment. The negligence and lack of access to Americans With Disabilities Act protections and Court 184 Judge Jan Krocker’s negligence and liability associated with her judicial order that contributed to my sexual assault.

Critical Questions include:

Are we in fact "Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

Do indigent citizens actually get an attorney if they cant afford one? One that provides the same robust defense as would an attorney that they paid.

How do you contact the court if you are in the hospital and the public defender never returns your call or responds to emails?

Why do the innocent citizen accused of a crime need to have the unfair burden of raising a bail to be released from jail?

What are the systemic disability discrimination problems in regard to the courts, jail systems and individuals with disabilities?

The victim has signed a Affidavit of Non Prosecution, I have Affidavits from myself and others where the alleged victim Marion Wilson states that I did not push or have any contact with her, instead I merely swore at the victim. I have signed Affidavits from myself and others others where the witness states that “momma completed and forged his signature on the witness statement”. The alleged victim has a recent incident similar where she engaged another individual renting a room out at the residence in which she was brandishing a gun and threatening to shoot him. He also is suffering from a mental disability. The alleged victim has an extensive history of making false police reports.

I have signed affidavits from even the accuser that confirms that I am innocent. Why do I have the unfair burden of paying $10,000 to secure a lawyer to get my involuntary plea overturned?

I am am raising money to pay for the expensive retainer fee so that my serious health condition is not compromised or interrupted. I should have representation by Dec. 3, 2015.
commented 2015-11-22 14:40:31 -0800
Senator Whitmire

My father informed me today regarding the abuses that take place in the jails against peiple who are mentally illl. I would like to come forward and share eith you and the mexia what happened to me, and everything that I saw whike I was falsely accussed of a crime and made an involuntary plea due to mental illness and the Harris County Court 184-, leaJan Krocker Presiding Judge.

The wonton recleckless disregard by the judge, prosecutor and public defender for my civil rights to privacy in regard to medical priviledge, reckless disregard for the yerminally ill and their right to contubue uninterrupted with prescribed life sustaining treatment, and the judges negligence and liability in regard to my sexual assault.

214-476-4179 Richard Wilson, Ed.D
commented 2015-11-20 11:57:24 -0800

I am asking you to aggressively oppose the UT satellite campus plans in Houston. It is the right thing to do.

Thank you
commented 2015-11-17 07:45:36 -0800
commented 2015-10-30 16:33:38 -0700
Mr. John Whitmire- I will like to set up a time and date to meet with Mr. Whitmire about a particular issue and subject. Is this even possible? – Thank you, Beverly Enoch
commented 2015-10-20 07:07:21 -0700
commented 2015-10-20 07:03:12 -0700
commented 2015-10-15 14:19:06 -0700
My son TDJC # 1968363 had a consensual relationship w/a 17 yr. old student in Spring ISD. He took responsibility for his actions and pled guilty at his lawyer’s advice as he had no prior record. Victim and her mother are suing district for monetary gains. Victim’s story changed dramatically after suit filed. He was sentenced to 5 yrs. in the state penitentiary and has been at Garza East for a year. He has never been violent and is not a drug user nor a threat to society. He was denied parole in June. He is a college grad and always received excellent evaluations. I do not condone what he did, but his being incarcerated with hardened criminals seems to be excessive. Research shows most have received probation for this offense. I believe this is an unfair law to place only on educators. It is unprofessional and poor judgment, but criminal? Thank you for allowing me to vent.

Kathy McCutchen
commented 2015-10-05 20:43:05 -0700
Dear Most Honorable Senator"Mr.J.Whitmire", Sir,I truly need your HELP!!! Immediately concerning my Parole situation. I’ve tried to reach Mr. Stuart Jenkins Director over the Parole Division but to NO! avail. I am on SISP parole and have been for about seven months.“I’ve complied to the fullest”Sir to all that has been required of Period…I’ve been offered six jobs since I’ve made Parole but Houston III Parole on Telephone Rd. Parole officers that I’ve had told me that I COULD NOT take those jobs because five were driving jobs and the six one was with Reliant as a salesman because the jobs that I could get needed to be stationary for me to have them.Now,Sir I was in prison for 18 calender years flat,and for any potential employer to even consider hiring me,MUST HAVE saw abit more in me regardless of my past record,which would put a few to pause.With that said, “The City of Houston ReEntry Division” offered their consideration for a job through Mr.Willis Robinson-Supervisor..Though these same ReEntry people had gotten me a job previously with The City of Houston Public Works Division but Parole made me quit that job!!! So if I may question you this please: If my Parole stipulations required “Only that I maintain employment”,why is it that they at Houston III Parole on Telephone Rd. is trying their best to keep me unemployed and on this monitor. Because as of today 10-05-2015 I was going to be stopped from going to work for two weeks because the other Parole officer I had a week ago didn’t put in my file that “I had a job working at ReEntry for the City of Houston….”And my file was only transported down the hall to a new parole officer. Sir I have a few honorable people that will speak on my behalf,that all I desire to do is work and pay my fees,whether on the monitor or not. Therefore being that I have a SISP monitor does it stop tracking while I’m working on driving jobs? The same whom seek to hire me!!!! Or is it that I’m just set up for failure !!! I TRULY NEED YOUR HELP SIR PLEASE !!!!!! MOST SINCERELY Kenneth Henry Williams Thanks!
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