Meet John


Strong leadership and commitment to public service defines John Whitmire. He has spent his adult life working for Houstonians in our state’s Capitol, and now, John is running for Houston Mayor. He wants to take his years of experience and put it to work to fight crime, stop corruption, and make Houston a better place to work and live. 

John has represented a large portion of Houston and Harris County in Austin focusing on improving public safety, economic development, and ensuring government works for the people - not special interests. 

As the Chair of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, John has transformed Texas into a national leader in criminal justice reform by advocating his tough but smart crime positions. Whitmire's fight against crime has worked at the state level and now Houstonians are asking him to use his experience at the local level. 

John is known as a “can do” public servant. John often says Houston is not New York or Chicago – we are Houston. We can fix our problems. 

John is an active advocate for all our first responders, and John believes we must have the best fire and police departments in the country. Furthermore, John also advocates for small businesses in Houston and across Texas by championing policies that encourage economic growth. 

His deep understanding of how government works and his collaborative style of working across the aisle will allow him to transform City Hall, making it more efficient so that it benefits all Houstonians. 

Houston is a large metropolitan city and John believes we should continue to grow and respect our differences. Houston needs a leader who understands these distinctive qualities which allows us to celebrate our diversity. 

John Whitmire is the leader we need, and he needs your support in his run for the next Mayor of Houston.

“Let’s go to work!”