Public Safety

Public Safety

As chair of the Texas Senate Criminal Justice Committee, John Whitmire has passed strong, anti-crime measures, while at the same time reforming our justice system to make it fairer and increasing its focus on rehabilitation.

As mayor, Whitmire will focus on:

  • Increasing the number of police officers on the street and strengthening Houston’s Community Policing Program
  • Keeping violent criminals behind bars and illegal guns off the streets
  • Equipping HPD to better address mental health situations and enhance de-escalation training
  • Providing“Second Chance” programs that integrate former offenders back into the community
  • Teaming with schools, nonprofits and businesses to provide after-school programs and summer opportunities
Strong Economy

Strong Economy

For John Whitmire Houston is a place of opportunity––whether it’s in the energy industry, medical center, port or other industries, people move to our city to work.

As mayor, Whitmire will lead the effort to grow our economy:

  • Working with industry to maintain Houston’s status as the Energy Capital of the World, including renewable energy
  • Continuing to diversify our economy by attracting new jobs to the city
  • Supporting small businesses by making it easier to open a business, build a facility, and connect to our infrastructure
  • Joining with area schools and colleges to ensure we are producing homegrown talent that attracts and sustains employers. 
Streets, Water and Drainage

Streets, Water and Drainage

John Whitmire has always placed an importance on cutting to the chase - identify what needs to be done and then get it done.

As mayor, Whitmire will place a priority on:

  • Fixing the streets and reducing traffic congestion
  • Repairing our aging water mains
  • Taking responsibility for clearing drainage ditches and improving the system that moves flood waters to the bayous
  • Focusing METRO’s transit system on getting people to work and school
City Services

City Services

John Whitmire believes all Houstonians should get the services they pay for and deserve. He says the best government is the one you don’t think about, because it works the way it ought to.

As mayor, Whitmire will ensure Houstonians receive:

  • Faster response to 911 calls
  • Reliable garbage pick up
  • Safe and healthy neighborhoods by addressing illegal dumping, toxic air and nuisance businesses
  • Inviting city parks, libraries and other public facilities
  • A government that lives up to the highest ethical standards
Bringing Houston Together

Bringing Houston Together

Senator John Whitmire has a long record of fighting for the underdog and underrepresented. He has been on the frontlines of the battles for equity, e.g., fighting for voting rights, bringing bilingual education to Texas schools, opposing the banning of Asian residents from buying property, and including sexual orientation in the Hate Crimes Bill.

As mayor, Whitmire will keep Houston a welcoming city:

  • Promoting the growth of minority and women owned businesses
  • Ensuring historically forgotten neighborhoods receive the services they deserve
  • Protecting the laws and ordinances that encourage diversity and equity
  • Having an open dialogue with people from all parts of our city to truly understand their concerns