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commented 2015-11-22 14:42:27 -0800 · Flag
Senator Whitmire

My father informed me today regarding the abuses that take place in the jails against peiple who are mentally illl. I would like to come forward and share eith you and the mexia what happened to me, and everything that I saw whike I was falsely accussed of a crime and made an involuntary plea due to mental illness and the Harris County Court 184-, leaJan Krocker Presiding Judge.

The wonton recleckless disregard by the judge, prosecutor and public defender for my civil rights to privacy in regard to medical priviledge, reckless disregard for the yerminally ill and their right to contubue uninterrupted with prescribed life sustaining treatment, and the judges negligence and liability in regard to my sexual assault.

214-476-4179 Richard Wilson, Ed.D
[email protected]